(Universal intellegent energy)

The Heavens


(Subtle energy flowing through all living beings)

The Earth


(Vital energy guided by supreme intelligence)


What is it?

Reiki, which was rediscovered at the end of the nineteenth century by the Japanese doctor Mikao Usui, is a simple and natural means of channeling energy through the hands. For the purposes of all energy treatments, good health is as much a matter of a harmonious KI flows as the state of the body’s organs and tissues. Our KI depends on the nature of our thoughts and feelings, which may increase or reduce the flow and, as soon as this flow is prevented, illnesses occur: Negative thoughts slow it down and destructive thoughts bring it to complete standstill.

Our thoughts are not limited to the brain. On the contrary, they permeate our bodies and, when they crystallize in certain  parts of our anatomy, they prevent a harmonious KI flow, leading to illnesses. Since Reiki is an intelligent form of therapy, it knows exactly where to go in order to unblock the KI flow, thereby triggering a physical, psychological and spiritual self-healing process adapted to the problems and needs of individual patients, getting to the root causes of their symptoms.

“In the physical body sickness is the result of the resistance of the personality to the guide of the soul”

E. Bach


Advantages of Reiki:


  • it develops and regulates the energy circulation in all parts of the body;
  • it starts detoxification processes through the elimination of toxins;
  • it relieves acute and chronic pain;
  • it regenerates tissues;
  • it leads to a state of deep relaxation;
  • it reactivates the endocrine, lymphoid, circulatory, digestive and urinary systems;
  • it restores the nervous and neurovegetative system;
  • it strengthens the immune system;
  • it restores the general energy balance of the organism;
  • it effectively combats the effects of stress;
  • it stimulate the healing forces that are inside of us;
  • body, emotions and mind reach a good state of harmony and balance.


How a Reiki session is organized?



A Reiki session involves very simple treatment given in a calm setting with soft lighting and soothing music. The treatment itself is preceded by a consultation to put the patient at ease and provide the Reiki practitioner with information necessary for subsequent proceedings. Following the consultation, patients can lie down and make themselves comfortable on a massage bed, remaining fully clothed (but removing all metallic objects, jewelry, belts, etc.). If possible, the Reiki session is conducted in complete silence. Patients should keep their eyes closed in order to listen to what is happening deep inside them and feel the energy flowing. The Reiki practitioner commences the treatment by placing his or her hands on the patient so as to channel vital universal energy naturally into those parts of the body that need it most.


A Reiki session lasts for 1 hour.