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Who I am

As a fiction writer, originally graduated in Foreign languages and literatures, I’ve always been interested in investigating other people’s mind, soul, cultures, beliefs. My humanistic background gives me a wide-open look at the peculiarity of each individual as a unique, single expression of oneself.



Currently in the last year of the Master of science Psychology, University of Essex, I hold a post graduate certificate in Psychology (University of Essex, UK), master’s degree in Neurological, linguistic and psychological aspects of bilingualism (Università Marconi, Italy), and a master’s degree in Family mediation (Università Cusano, Italy).

I’m also trained as a life coach (member of the IPHM – International Practitioners of Holistic Medicines – UK), as a PNL practitioner, as a mindfulness practitioner, and I’m currently completing a training in cognitive-behavioural therapy (IFFP – France).



As a method, among others, I find the use of imagery cards and role play with toy figures extremely efficient, since these tools directly speak to the unconscious and bypass our rationality, offering a very powerful way of investigating our deep feelings and emotions.

Based on the Emotionally focused Therapy (EFT), I aim to focus my therapies on emotions, perceptions beliefs as a key-elements. I’ve also written a divulgative ebook about emotions (unfortunately in Italian only, so far), and I’m also fun of the positive psychology initiated by Martin E.P. Seligman in the Seventies.

Being a writer myself, I encourage the narrative therapy in my professional environment, too. Writing offers an effective way to

As you can see, I like to have a broad approach to the psychological support I offer. Cross-cultural psychology is one of my main specialisation fields, including the psychological aspects emerging in expatriation experiences. This can be useful both for individual and for couple therapy.


Individual therapy ranges from:


- general life dissatisfaction

- loss of reference points

- losses, mourning

- anxiety

- phobias

- critical periods in life

- couple/family/work conflicts

- mobbing

- self-esteem




Couple therapy

-          Intercultural mediation

-          Parenting

-          Multicultural/multilingual parenting

-          Conflicts

-          Loss of trust

 Difficult communication

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Hi! I am Consuelo and I offer Reiki treatements and Aromatouch sessions with the application of the doTERRA essential oils.

Both methods are able to stimulate physical, mental and spiritual benefits by restoring balance, in a holistic way, to the whole organism.


I obtained the Reiki Master's degree from the R.A.U school in Rho in 2004 and I have always obtained good results with the people who turned to me for help through this ancient discipline.


I obtained the certificate of masseuse with the AromaTouch doTERRA technique in France from the Aromatouch trainer Miva Berthias.

With this massage technique you can treat yourself to an intense and stimulating experience.